Exporting Big Big PDFs

Hi, I have been exporting from Rhino lately, but I cant find the “custom size” setting. Its always a page size, which when plotting is quite irrelevant, as you can have plots of about 2 meters or more. How can I set the print windows to be 1:1 and custom size? Sometimes I dont even need to print, but need the pdf to show in a projector…

Thought about Illustrator, but for some freaking reason, it has a limit to the drawing area size, and there is no way to increase that, curious because the software is supposedly for graphic designers… which often need to print non conventional size plots.

I need to print a 3.20m base by 0.8m height plot.

I have both BullZip and PDF995 PDF authoring tools installed in my Windows 10. They both support the larger built in and custom sheet sizes.

What are you using for a PDF authoring tool?

Adobe PDF and CutePDF Writer

For Adobe PDFs:

  • First make sure you are out of Rhino and all other programs so the new page settings can be applied properly

  • Go to Devices and Printers

  • Right Click on the Adobe PDF Printer

  • Choose Printer Preferences

  • You will see an option labeled “Adobe PDF Page Size” - On the right hand side of it there is an option that says “Add” click it

  • Name your page size

  • Give it the proper dimensions

  • Set the appropriate units

  • Click Add/Modify

You now have a custom PDF page size for the Adobe PDF printer. Confirm it by trying to print something on the new page size


Sweet! Thank you A.