Exporting to OBJ

I (a newbie and…) am attempting to export a model to the OBJ format. My model has Environment Map files applied as Textures to Layers.

When I export, the Environment Map files are not exported, or referenced in the .mtl file that is created with the OBJ.

I’ve seen it mentioned in other threads that I may need to “Bake” the Map files to have them export correctly. Is this true, and if so, how do I do so? Or is there another solution?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure if the environment texture in a material can be written out to the mtl file or at least the version of it that we are currently using in Rhino for Mac. I was just chatting with @tim who handles a lot of the obj code and the version in Rhino for Mac should write out a reference to the color texture but an environment map isn’t using the objects UVs so it may not be supported. Not a lot of definite answers here I know but I think the environment channel is a special case not handled by obj/mtl. Can you use the color channel instead and a custom mapping method? Use the texture mapping section of the properties panel for the selection. The command MappingWidget and MappingWidgetOff will control the display of the mapping widget for further adjustment. It might also be possible to assign the emaps to the objects in the program you’re going to.