Export viewport to SVG / vector with fills


Is it possible to export a viewport (lines including geometry fills) to SVG in Rhino 6 / 7 ?

I am thinking to move from Sketchup to Rhino due to modeling capabilities but I really need the ability to export vector images, which I will be using in Illustrator for further adjustments.

Cheers, Twana

Hi Twana - try filling your shapes with solid hatches (Hatch command) and export the hatches. AI does not see these as stroked however.



If you are going to export to illustrator I recommend you to use .ai format instead of .svg. Using .ai will let you import your file in illustrator maintaining all your rhino layers which will simplify your process a lot.

Remember that you have to run _make2D to produce a 2d drawing of your 3d model in order to export as vectors to illustrator.

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Thanks that did the work :+1:

Did not know about that command, I try that out.