Export to SketchUp in metric units

How can one export to SketchUp in metric units?
Both my Rhino and SketchUp is set to metric, but Rhino insists on exporting to old imperial units. Since I don’t live in either Myanmar, Liberia or the US, I would really like to keep the model in the same system. Every time we have to update the system to metric, we lose the co-ordinates and of course some accuracy.
Is there a solution for this?

You can change the units there in Rhino.

Hello - I see the problem, and I do not know the answer, I’ll ask the developer.


That does not change the Sketchup export at all. That is exactly the problem.
Exporting a metric Rhino file to SketchUp, always turns it into an imperial file.

did you choose the correct template? … metric / meters … imperial / inch …

i had sometimes this problem, but i think is a problem in “ketchup”.
“my Solution”:
1)-i open a file in rhino/ if you work with’ mts’ there-‘template mts’-…export
selection to sketchup file.ok.
2)-I open Sketchup, ( ‘’’‘template meters’’’’), but…the dimensions are in ‘’’’‘inch’’’’(?)…,ok…
… so you need open the windows-"info model "—and there

you can see ; ‘imperial system’ showed there…‘inch’.ok.
So first, click in “architectural” and change to "" decimal"" system
after that : dimensions : meters
volume : meters
area : meters

after that your template are in meters.
but first ( forever that) you need to save your " template"
and i think, you need to do that in windows-style-save new
with your name,so, everytime that you open SKP,you can open your personally template,for not to have this problem.
** i think that is a problem in sketchup,
i had the same when i work between these booths.

No,that dont run,—template save— i cant find the solution.

FWIW I don’t see this problem here at all…

I make a box 1200 x 1200 x 600mm in rhino, export it to skp format, open it in sketchup, and the tape reports the exact same measurements…

This is rhino 6 and sketchup 8 pro (which is the last version i will buy since I won’t use subscription software)

Perhaps the problem is with a later version of sketchup?


When working with blocks, things get really bad!