Why does .skp Export in inches despite Rhino Units in Meters?

No matter what unit my Rhino model currently is, .skp export always reverts to inches. Does not make sense.

Under the hood, everything in Sketchup is in inches.

For example when you’re exporting blocks, you have to create the blocks in imperial units so they are the right size when used as components in Sketchup.

Should not matter. Multiple things require user input in units. Dimensions, texture sizes, etc. Rhino’s Sketchup export should keep Rhino models units instead of forcing the user to get into Document properties and change it manually, every, time.

Are you exporting blocks at all?

Sometimes, but just to keep the objects separate. I then convert them to groups inside Sketchup with a plug-in.

This is fixed in current internal build, so should be soon in a public wip release.

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