Lunchbox geometry export to Revit

Hi everyone,

I am currently exploring Rhino to Revit Interoperability. I am using Lunchbox to create desired geometry in Grasshopper, and planning to export it to Revit via Geometry Gym.

I managed to do so, they look like this.

The issue i am having is they contain no parameters such as height and width in Revit.

This is the result of the bake geometry in Grasshopper. The panels was baked separately.

As advised by Mr Jon Mirtschin, i need to stitch 4 individual panels into 1 panel with an opening. This have to be done in Grasshopper before import to Revit. The resultant panel has to be readable as family/unit in Revit.

I need help to stitch the panels.

Any thoughts and suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Gh to (16.6 KB)