Export to Ilustrator Does Not Recognize Accents or Arrowheads

Hi, Im putting some labels in Rhino and then exporting to illustrator to make final arrangements but when doing so all my text gets formatted from á to á or ó to ó and arrowheads simply disappear… How can I solve this?

Thanks, Shynn

Someone any ideas?

Hi Shynn - is this on the same machine - that is, the font used is available to both applications?


Not sure, the font used is the default Rhino font.

Hi Shynn - Here, the file opens with a warning in AI that the text must be updated- I allow that and at least some of the special characters come on that I tried. But… Rhino’s AI export format is quite old…


Yup, I allow for update text too, but no luck still.

If it isn’t illustrator what do you recommend for creating this type of drawings Pascal? I make the model in Rhino and then section and make2Ds, but then I need to polish things, add colors, labels, dimensions, detail views, etc. I think AI is quite a solid option, I just have too many problems with Rhino exporting to AI… Hatches need to be exploded, text not being recognized, neither arrowheads…


Hi Shynn - what happens if you print to pdf as vector? Does that do anything good with the text?


Hmmm, yea much better. I guess I could export to pdf and tweak that pdf in AI. Thanks