Export illustrator with origin (doesnt work, bug?)

Is this a bug?
I tried to export to illustrator, with and without origin… it ends up in the same spot.
could it be a bug?

Hi Anika - you need to use the ‘Preserve model scale’ mode on export - the ‘Snapshot’ mode does not work with the origin.


Hi. I did just that… though not with this particular scale. min was 1mm=1m …

another porblem is exporting text…

this is a text with exploded vs editiable text objects … they dont line up unfortunately

Hi Anika - yep, sorry - my mistake - it is not working… thanks for the heads up.



basically i still wonder if i should print as pdf (and loose all the layer information)… or export as ai (sometimes quite buggy.)

keeps layer information

ai -con
need to sort layers before exporting
text is not exported in scale
blocks dont work with hatches export
export with origin doesnt work

it “looks” the same
no need for setting up artboards

all layer information is lost…
rhino-layouts/details sometimes unreliable (shift position when lots of details)

… just tested print/export as pdf: theres also a difference between exploded text and textobject, even in the preview window.

Is this because pdfs lock size intervals for texts?

same with dwg btw.

This is hard to get just right. We make quite a few measurements to attempt to match the kerning of the PDF annotation output

I have never checked it against autocad or anything…
but the monospaced fonts dont line up either… they shouldnt have kerning, right?

I apologize, kerning isn’t really the correct term I should have used to describe the problem. The curves generated from the text are in 3D world sizes which we apply a transform to in order to generate 2D curves. When generating 2D text we have to pick a 2D text size in points to use and draw the text using text drawing routines provided by the PDF API. Getting the text size aligned exactly with the output scale is difficult. We could fix this by outputting every single character at an exact location, but that would cause problems downstream as the text wouldn’t be recognized as a series of words which would make editing painful in other applications.

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Wanted to ask about the export to illustrator. I have city CAD files, do the work in Rhino, but at this point I have to move the CAD lines to origin (0,0,0) and then export so illustrator can “see”. I’ve done this since rhino 4.0. I assume there’s no way to move the origin in Rhino. Moving cities to origin works, but maybe there’s another way? Thought I’d ask.