Export text as ai sees no text when reimport ai to rhino

selected artwork and some text, all near to each other, export as ai,
re-import result to rhino,
all there except there is no text.


I swore I was going to stay out of this, but your pain on deadline is affecting me.

OK, here’s a check list. For any exports to Illustrator you MUST put a tick against each of these items.
Please do not post back here if that is not the case.

1/. All items in top view and flat on the CPlane
2/. All items bounding box at Rhino origin
3/. Illustrator has a limited working area. All items bounding box must fit in a 5700mm x 5700mm zone
4/. Check CMYK export
5/. ONLY use True Type fonts that are installed (not temporarily loaded via a type manager). Actually don’t export text at all. Explode it and export the paths.

That should do it.

Also for what it’s worth I loaded your 2cm box with 1cm circle into Illustrator CC without issue