Export to CAD Windows11 Fatal Error

Just updated to Windows 11, running AutoCAD LT2013 for 2d drafting, the export to Autocad dwg or dxf will not open in Cad without a Fatal Error (0x7ffaae350005) popping up and closing the program. Any work arounds?
Probably need to ditch AutoCAD and start drafting in Rhino…

This happens in even a simple file you are exporting? Can you post an example? I currently don’t have autocad installed, but someone can try and open it, at least to eliminate the Rhino export aspect.

Funny how the attempted import of a file should crash the whole program… What kinds of objects are you exporting from Rhino?

Exporting basic polylines, I develop the 3d surfaces, turn them into polylines, export dwg - typically 2007 polylines but sometimes 2007 CamMetric. I do all my drafting in Autocad for construction drawings and cut files.
This problem only started since upgrading from Windows10 to Windows11…

Basic 2d polylines, exported to AtuoCAD 2007-Polylines or 20007-CamMetric.
Problem seems to be the windows11 upgrade…

Being that LT2013 is nine years old, maybe running it in Windows 7 compatibility mode might help?

Repair install of the Autocad may help. Can you post the file? Thanks.

Attached is the exported polylines (2007 polylines, dxf). I could open it, copy it, but not paste into my drawing. I’ve tried Windows 7 compatibility mode (was a great tip, I just learnt how to do it), but didn’t help…
Export.dxf (341.8 KB)

In Rhino? or opening in Autocad and can not paste into another autocad?

Yes, opening in autocad, and pasting into another autocad drawing. The dwg export wouldn’t open, only fatal error.
I always hesitate doing a windows upgrade for this reason… went from 10 to 11 two days ago and been trying to figure this issue out since.

I tried on my machine and seems to work fine , running AutoCAD 2022. So your issue seems to be tied to AutoCAD 2013.

Can you disable the GPU scheduler and the enhancement for windowed applications and give it a try.

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No joy with the Default Graphics Settings…
Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but could be a ploy between autocad and windows to get me back on subscriptions :smile:, pay enough to Bently each year for Maxsurf!

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