Export to blender 2.8


what is the best way to export from rhino to blender 2.8 to convert blender quadremesh to seamless meshes?


does anyone know help me here?

Hi - perhaps you should clarify the specific problem that you are running into. I couldn’t make much sense of your original description but that might be because I’m not a Blender user…

I imported a rhino scene for blender
I used quad remesh in blender to make the mesh more organized
the mesh has some defects

is there any secret in exporting the rhino scene to blender?
so that the mesh does not have these defects when using the blender quadremesh on it?


If the mesh already quadmesh in Rhino you can import it in Blender as it is.
But from nurbs to mesh this will not work

I’m applying quadremesh in blender, after import: rhino for mesh blender

the problem is that quadremesh is failing
the mesh is full of defects after applying quadremesh to the blender

I can’t understand you, share an example

is it common in quadremesh that conversion is not perfect?

is there a way to avoid imperfect conversions?

I already told you if you export a quadmesh created in Rhino is better
Blender can’t solve everything and try voxel remesh or quadriflow remesh

converted by quadremesh inside rhino before exporting to blender
it was very bad, many defects in the mesh

if quadremesh generates this type of result it is better not to use it

is quadremesh still in development?
or is advertising too optimistic?

Hi - which version of Rhino are you trying this with? Also, could you post a 3dm file that results in a bad mesh?

Rhino WIP 7 TRIALrhino door SITE.3dm (512.8 KB)

Thanks for that file.
@Trav do you have any tips for good settings for the QuadRemesh command here?

I can’t make anything that looks any good either…


I’m not sure I understand the question?

“I’m applying quadremesh in blender, after import: rhino for mesh blender”

It sounds like @bilico is using a quad remesh function inside of Blender?

FWIW, I tried in the WIP and could not get anything that looked any good from the angled object in Rhino/QuadRemesh. I may just be revealing the lameness of my manipulation of the settings, however…


There is a limitation and issues with any angle above 30 degrees in quadremesh.

I took a look at the model and the results are definitely less than desirable. I’ve made a note to dig in deeper. Thanks.


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I used quadremesh in both rhino and blender
before and after import

both results were terrible

this file was made in rhino 6
was modeled on rhino 6
then opened in rhino 7 and converted with quadremesh

is this the problem?