Export to Autodesk Viewer with textures and colors

Hi all,
I’m exporting some geometries to import them in Autodesk Viewer for online visualization.
I need to keep layers structure and names, materials color and textures (with tiling information).
So far I’ve noticed that .FBX keeps most of the informations except textures.

What is the best way to visualize files in Autodesk Viewer as you see in Rhino?

Thanks for help!

Hi Julio,

I’m also exporting some files from Rhino to Autodesk viewer for online visualisation.
How did you end up doing it so the information is best transferred?

My main problem is that many loose parts come up (for example as mesh name undefined, brep and shell) in the model browser, instead of as one solid layer.

Kind regards,


Hi Enzo,
I ended up using Sketchfab.com as my online 3D viewer.