Exporting 3D model with colors for windows preview?


Our client only has the default Microsoft Windows 3D Preview tool. I can’t seem to export my file in a way which shows the colors (or materials, whichever works) in this program. Is there a way to do it?


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Hi @simon9,

The Windows 3D Viewer supports 3MF, PLY, OBJ, FBX, and STL files. Rhino can export all of these.

– Dale

I have spent much time trying to get other viewers to have the same look with colors and textures as my Rhino viewports. FBX seems to be the best option for doing so in Windows 3D Viewer but still not accurate as what I am seeing. I have had the best luck with clients viewing using SketchFab but that takes time on my part to export and configure.

Look here for an old example

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Can you have them open it in Rhino? My understanding is that even without a license, it run it as a viewer. It just wont save or load plug-ins.

You would think so but the full Rhino UI must scare them off! I just did a yacht interior fully fitted out in Rhino and then used the rendered preview which looks great since Cycles has been implemented. AutoDesk makes a nice screen recorder called ScreenCast that I then go Fullscreen in the Rhino window and start Screencast and record the Rhino window. I then do the Turntable command to come up with something like this for which I send a link to the client.