Export surface with image material to illustrator

Lets say I have a pictureframe surface that I split into vertical strips in order to apply it onto a facade. I can split the surface in Rhino perfectly fine, but I need to export it to illustrator in order to make the mechanical drawings for production. The problem is that the surface exports into illustrator without its material (the picture I want to apply to the facade). How do I export to illustrator with the material as the fill (with the proper UV interval since each vertical strip is a unique part of the picture)? In general, how do you export to illustrator with surfaces as a closed path with fill?

I’m also really interested in how to do this, giving this thread a bump!

forget ai files which rhino creates its unfortunately a dead end since they dont support pdf compatibility and hardly anything else than illustrrator can open that. this will also not be changed as it seems and as i have read here, which is very unfortunate because affinity for example seems to avoid even though announced to have though over targeting, dxf as import export option.

the “good” news dxf is supported by illustrator and that should do what is requested here. at least for surfaces which are defined as picture frames.

Posting this here (less for you OP who I am sure haven’t been banging your head against this wall for nine-ish years, and more…) for people who are looking for the solution to the problem I was looking for. Possible fix for this if you’re into extra legwork here.

xoxo Petezabagel