Export colored Surface/Mesh to Illustrator

Hello everyone,

I want to export colored surfaces or meshes to Illustrator. Is this somehow possible?
I attached a simplyfied script, how These are created/baked in grasshopper.

export_ai.gh (13.8 KB)

When I export them to Illustrator, they open like this. (left Surface, right mesh)

Does anybody got a solution to that or had a similar Problem?
Is there a work around with some other programms between or any plugin?

If someone could help, I would be very thankfull. Got around 2500 different rectangels with different Colors.

Best regards,

Forget it. Dunno how I couldn’t see this thread in my research -.-

Hey Tim,
I had the same problem and found a way more convenient solution using the Mesh-To-Hatch node from Ladybug (https://grasshopperdocs.com/components/ladybug/meshToHatch.html)