Export section on worksession models into dwg

Hi everyone
I’m trying to export a section into a dwg but dwg file is empty.
I’m following these step:

  • open model .3dm;

  • open worksession .rws (which attachs many .3dm models);

  • create a section as a block with “_vaSectionView” command (the section is complete and everything fine here);

  • select the section block;

  • File>Export Selected;

  • choosing .dwg as file extension.

Then I get an empty 27 kb .dwg file.
What am I missing?


Best Regard
Sandra Chiera

Hi @Sandra3,

Please, could you send me the files and the worksession you are having problems with? I’ll try to reproduce the problem with them. You can post it here or send it to visualarq@asuni.com.

Sorry if I didn’t answer you.
I couldn’ t share the original file, thougth to recreate another and then time passed…

Best Regard
Sandra Chiera

Hi @Sandra3,

I tried to reproduce this issue with one of my files but it looks like it is working fine here… Please, let me know if you get some more information about this.