Section views at worksessions

How is it possible that sections set up at worksession don’t work? I have changed my workflow, and I get strange behaviours of these… Or maybe I do something wrong?
So, I have several models with geometry (various types, some of them pure VA objects, some regular Rhino geometry, some with "embedded and linked blocks). Then I have a “master” file - just an empty file, without any geometry, just levels, sections, views and so on. Using this model I set up a worksession - let’s say 10 models. So far it works fine. At layouts I can put live plans and sections, all the interactions, materials etc. seems to be perfect. And then I need to get a regular section, just to export it. So I use the “_vaSectionView” command, I can see quite fine entities and… that’s all, I cannot export them. I try to use “export selected” but it doesn’t work. Firstly, after chosing the command I cannot select any section view. I try to preselect the view, just before using export command and it seems to be OK. Until I open the new file, it is quite empty. Not a single line…

I tried the same, with a model as a initial file - it is almost the same effect. The initial model can be seen at sections, and none of the attachments…

So, what can I do with the problem?

Cheers, Jaro

Hi @jerry.bakowski,

I don’t know if I understand the problem. It seems that the file generated with the exported section view is empty. My assumption is that VisualARQ tries to update the contents of the section view when you export or when you open the exported file. If you don’t also export the section line, the exported section view will be orphan, so it will be empty. Also, if the exported file doesn’t have geometry, when the section view is updated, if will show… nothing.

Can you please try to explode the section view, and then just export the exploded entities?

In VisualARQ 3 the current plan is to change plan and section views to make them non-updatable (just like Make2D), or at least, only update them on demand, not like now, that VisualARQ tries to update them in many situations. Or even better, remove those objects and create some simple commands to export view geometry.