Export picture frame as texture for 3ds max


Using the “picture frame” command I interested an image and used it for a facade, I then scaled the image in 1D (deforming it) and trimmed parts of the image to make space for the windows. Now they’ve asked me to export the file to render in 3DS Max, but I can’t find a way to export the file with the image embedded so it opens the same way in 3ds max.

I’ve already tried exporting it as OBJ and FDX but when I import to 3ds max it just uses the image as a texture and doesn’t map it properly, specially taking into account the scaling and trims.

I also found an old post that suggested exporting as Rhino 2, reopening the file and exporting it again as FBX or OBJ. This didn’t work either.

Btw, I am using rhino 6

Thanks for the help in advance!