Exporting Rhino Model with Matierials into 3ds Max

I am trying to export a model from rhino that has a material assigned to it into 3ds Max. I can export the model fine, but it justs ends up as a solid clay model instead of the material that was assigned to it in rhino does not seem to transfer. I am trying to export as a .fbx file, but also tried .obj. Is there a specific file type that will allow the material to be exported with the model, or maybe specific exporting settings that will allow that?

I used to arrange my Rhino model into layers by material type (even uv mapping direction too) and then export via obj. There are some settings when you export the obj and you have to make sure it’s saving out layers as obj groups (or something…sorry, long time ago!). Then apply all your materials in Max.

Not sure if there’s a better way these days?

Thanks for your input. I exported my file as an obj and it exports like the same clay model I’ve been getting. I am new to using 3ds max, how do you import materials?

As far as I know you can’t import your materials from Rhino to Max.

So you have to model and plan your layers (by material) in Rhino and then import the model into Max where you’ll have to create and assign materials.

Arranging your model onto layers by material in Rhino will help with applying materials when you’re inside Max.

It’s a far from perfect solution but it’s also the only one as far as I know!

I would use FBX. It is autodesk’s best rendering format.