Export FBX, mirrored blocks are inverted

Hi guys, if I make a block with a mesh and then make a mirror of the block and then export both as FBX then the mirrored block version has an inverted mesh.

Can you please fix that?

And while you are at it, can you please change the exporter so it prompts the info instead of printing it?
It fills up my entire Commandhistory on large files.


Hi Jorgen - I see this, thanks.
Seems to be true of mesh format exports more generally.

RH-61159 Mesh formats: inverted normals


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Thanks for checking this out.
We see it when we export fbx’s for TwinMotion, as game engines don’t show both faces as default.
(And for the record, if anybody in the future stumbles across this thread; TwinMotion has an option on each material to turn two sided on)