Mirror block with mesh - flips normals

When i mirror a block with a mesh the normals are inverted. is there anything i can do to stop this?


Example attached.[filpped normals.
flipped normals.3dm (83.1 KB)

Same here in v7. Though thats interenting that it happens only on your file i just put sth else to try and don’t get flipped normals.

I also noticed that you have some hisory on object maybe this is the reason ? Don’t know just guessing.

Hello - got that, thanks.

RH-61917 Block: Blocked mesh normals flipped on mirror


Hi @KeithR,

How did you create the mirrored instance reference, and how are you determining that the mirrored instance reference’s definition geometry has it’s mesh normals inverted?


– Dale

Hey @KeithR, long time.

I thought this was fixed, but it’s just weirder than I thought.

MeshMirrorBug.3dm (210.9 KB)

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