Need single-sided mesh export

Trying to export a client’s .3dm to polygon meshes as .fbx or .obj for use in animation software. All the surfaces come out as mesh components that are duplicated, but with opposite normals. I think this is called double-sided meshes?

How can I control the NURBS-to-mesh conversion so the exported mesh is single-sided?

Hello - hmmm. if you re-import the meshes I assume in Rhino they are not duplicated, correct? I don’t think Rhino makes any effort on meshes to make them somehow double sided - try exporting STL as a test - those are about as simple as it gets. My guess is the target software may have some way to control how it imports meshes, but that is just a guess.


thanks, Pascal –

The meshes seem to load cleanly back into Rhino; unfortunately I don’t know the software and its mesh tools well enough to see if the entities are doubled or not. I will try STL, but will have to figure out how to go from there to Softimage, which is the target app.

Would it be possible for me to upload some files for you to take a look at? I also have a movie file of the situation when the .fbx is opened in Softimage that might clarify things.


Hi again, Pascal –

Looks like this was a bit of a false alarm. Turns out the client had modeled all the surfaces in the model as extremely thin volumes, so the front and back sides were z-fighting in any viewport.

Thanks for your help.