Export .3dm with custom textures to .DAE or .X3D


I have a 3dm file with four simple, custom textures (made from the Paint mode, each containing one color with no glossiness), and I am trying to export the model as a .DAE or .X3D with separate texture files. All I have been able to isolate are the .RMTL Rhino texture files, but I would like to have a separate .jpg or .png fileRhino with Color.3dm (4.3 MB) for each texture

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you!


I’ve moved this to the Rendering category to see if it helps.

The colors in your materials are exporting from Rhino 6 to .dae and I tested that they import into Blender which supports that format. The colors aren’t texture maps but rather just a color value that gets transferred in any format that supports it.

If the colors aren’t coming over for you it may be a setting in the app where you are importing it to or you may need to be in a display mode there that shows them. Here’s the dae from Rhino 6 as well. Rhino with Color.dae (1.2 MB)

Brian beat me to it.

I did try writing this script, but the diffuse channel travels out nicely enough into DAE anyway.
MeshVertexColours_from_DiffuseMaterial.py (668 Bytes)

Just in case you’re maybe doing sandstone printing, then these Mesh Vertex Colours will be enough.