Exporting dae with seperat texture/matrial file

I have some *.step and *.obj, that I have been converting to collada *.dae using Rhinoceros 5.
I all cases the texture/material is included inside the *.dae.
What I want is to extract the colour/material from a step file and export in separate file (ex jpg, png) linked to the dae.
for some reason the program where i need the dae cannot read internal color, to I need the external option
I am unsure if this is even posibly in Rhinoceros 5 and I have not been able to find a guide online.

Do you have a sample step or obj to help show what kind of material information you want to capture as a separate jpg? I think you might be able to make a “single color” texture in Rhino copying and pasted the RGB values from the step or obj, then reassign those textures as bitmaps prior to dae export.