Trouble exporting materials and textures

HI there,

I am relatively new to Rhino Mac, but I had been working on a few files, creating 3d models and adding materials and textures to them, then exporting as .dae with the “save textures” box ticketed. This had been successful.

I have run into an issue where the materials and texture now will not export - which is odd because I don’t believe I changed the way I was doing things.

I am still able to get the standard materials to export - but as soon as I try an imported material from the library or to use a picture the model only exports with the default material. It definitely could be something I am doing - but just seems strange that I was able to get this to work before and can’t now.

Is there something that I am doing wrong - something that I may have unchecked by accident or is this a bug.

Please let me know if you need any other info.


I don’t know. I’ll check with a developer to see what is supported. Generally very basic color is preserved when moving to another file format but very little else.
The problem is there is no universal material/texture definition between applications. The new PBR materials are a step in the direction.

PBR material support will be in Rhino V7.

This is what I got from the developer:

“Yes. It does use the render mesh for the sake of replicating block hierarchy. Nothing has changed to support PBR materials for V7.”