Explodeblock - Wireframe display issue


I’m having an issue whereby Explodeblock is causing some objects to appear as if they are wireframe on the visible face, but shaded on the backface. I think this does not cause an issue with rendering etc, but I am just a little worried that I may be creating an issue further down the line. Image below attached of some objects after explodeblock.

Note that exploding these objects and again and joining them back together solves the issue - but concerned this may cause issues too!


Try selecting bad objects.

Thanks but this doesn’t work, they’re not bad objects inside the block, neither are they bad objects after exploding the block.

I can’t replicate why this happens, it either happens to all of the objects inside the block, or it doesn’t happen at all.

Hi sam -my guess is these block instances have been mirrored - can you post a file that has one of these blocks? Or select one, type What and Enter and copy paste the report.