Display problem with blocks (nested blocks)

In the attached file handed to me by one of our students, there are some simple polyline outlines that are composed of nested blocks with objects on different layers. The problem is that some of the elements do not show up in wireframe or shaded mode… If you select them, the invisible objects highlight, if you explode the block, they also show up. Paradoxically, they do show up in Rendered mode if “show curves” is checked…

This apparently is just one simple example file, he claims to have lots of others where this stuff is misbehaving similarly…

Bug? solution?


bug blocks1.3dm (91.9 KB)

Hi Mitch,

if i double click the block, select everything inside and run _ClearDrawOrder if seems to behave nice.


Hah! That’s interesting and bizarre at the same time!! Nice discovery! The question is - normally there is nothing in front to be drawn behind… But maybe there was at the time with the original objects from which the blocks were created…