Experimenting with grid matrix pattern based on photo

i’ve just been playing around 2d patterns in grasshopper, being a fairly new user and all. I was looking to create a grid matrix with four quarters of the circle rotating randomly in 90 degrees to create a pattern. A reference photo has been attached below

You have to try something. Consider modifying the code you were given in this thread?

7. This is not a do-my-work-for-me group

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Search for Truchet tiling

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The Truchet Tiles is the answer. Just start with a 50x50 grid and then you can use any method to pick certain bunches of cells ie a random pick or a point attractor. Then you can use box morph to move them into the grid locations

You could also do something like this.

Completely random!

random-circular-arcs.gh (19.4 KB)

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There are several ways better than Box Morph for this. No morphing required.

Truchet tiles_2023Feb22a.gh (22.5 KB)

P.S. Here is a different way to make the grid using Orient. Purple group unchanged.

Truchet tiles_2023Feb22b.gh (22.1 KB)


Could we…

  1. Draw each arc’s tangent line.

  2. Select all arcs such that, for instance, the distance between tangentLineArcB and tangentArcD is 4-6 mm/cm, etc.

We three need to form a group. It will be like a combination of Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, etc.

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This time I changed only the purple group and left the grid transformations alone.

Truchet tiles_2023Feb22c.gh (17.6 KB)

Can you?

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Tiles are all the same size, eh? If they are not, it’s an entirely different problem.

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