Create a random yet regular pattern

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I need to crearte the two patterns below ro be “regular” in terms of an even grid spacing, but random layout within that grid.

The issue of how to get the pattern on a reducing sufacing evely has been solved and that part of post removed.

or this pattern.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files




thanks, to layout over a reducing conical surface was self resolved, that question removed, leaving only how to make the patterns above

What is the name maybe also (73.2 KB)

There are 4 basic patterns. This definition should avoid the same element being neighbouring. I don’t know how to do that.

R8 is not required.

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You will fin many Truchet definitions on this site and on
If you want to use a plugin (Nautilus) and avoid 2 same patterns touching you can use this

it be also work on surface, meshes … but will need to be changed
truchet (13.6 KB)

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What is the name maybe also Truchet v1 Nautilius (55.8 KB)
Thank you very much, @laurent_delrieu I was looking for your component but could not remember in which post I saw it, now I got it. Powerful!.

And if you add True to P you must also have not 2 same patterns on corners. But in order to not have repetitive pattern it is surely better to have more than X patterns.

2 colors if just edges as relations

3 colors are enough if corners are added in the topology

Here 5 colors used


many thanks for the replies! One option is now presented. turns out i prefer the maze componet in the same tool suggested above.