Closed Truchet curves

I want to close the curves that are set by the square grid arcs and I like the random command to be linked so that I can shift and change it.
I want to also create a surface for the closed curves.

I have attached the existing truchet curves below.

truchet rhino (12.9 KB)

With a little more effort, one could cull the curves that are not closed.

I do not really know how to do that. this wouldn’t close the curves.

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Truchet curve with square grid closed - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum

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I still haven’t gotten the solution. So, if there is someone who could help me with it, it would be great.

Correct, it only filters the unclosed curves, which is most of them:

Truchet (21.2 KB)

It might be a step toward closing the open curves? Working on that…

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Makes sense. thank you. But it would be great if they are all inside a square and not clustered.

Well, this failed. :thinking:

Truchet (32.0 KB)

Doing all the corners first is probably wrong.

Hey, are you still working on it? or is that it? could you help me in how to add the surface?

I may think about this when I take a walk but… if you can’t take it from here, what’s the point?

oh well, it is just the corners that didn’t work out. try flipping them?

okay, thank you. I will try to figure it out from here.

But, if you figure it out. please do send it, as I am a beginner student in grasshopper. Thank you

If you look well all the arcs are put at regular space. So you just have to extract the outer curves.

Then search middle points (there are ordered after the join curve) and the tangents in order to calculate the perpendicular vector. Draw the arcs

Dispatch the arc list in 2 and choose the one you want !

truchet rhino (16.6 KB)

I have done something similar there


Thank you so much. I will try this and work on it.

I am trying to add a surface with join curves and boundary surface, but it isn’t happening. why is that so? Please do help me.

I have attached the file below that I am working with.
final truchet (19.8 KB)

This may be too late. I’m sure I would have got here eventually, even without @laurent_delrieu’s help.

Truchet (30.8 KB)

P.S. I didn’t try to debug your code, I just copied part of mine.

final truchet (21.3 KB)


Thank you for your time.