2D Matrix With Contrasting Elements

Hello guys!

I am fairly new to Grasshopper, and I’m trying to create a 2D matrix, or grid, with constrasting shapes that have specific variables shifting from one column/row to the other. This could be either in size, angle, etc. My first steps were trying to play around with the components, but that has led me nowhere. I looked around on the internet for some tutorials, but that wasn’t successful either since all of them were working in a 3Dimensional manner. All I need is some simple 2D lines where I can export to Illustrator and post-produce. I have attached some images of what I’m trying to achieve.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Here is an idea for the circles pattern

The basic principle is to build an array on rows/columns, that would be a two-level DataTree in Grasshopper. And store all parameters (angles in this case) in a data tree that has the same structure. From there, use simple geometric components to draw curves/surfaces.

CirclePattern.gh (16.4 KB)
TrianglePattern.gh (21.1 KB)

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Thank you so much!! You’re a life saver. Is there any component I could change to have a different pattern that behaves in the same way? Just to kind of come up with something original.

Yes you can vary the amount of rows/columns, and the min/max angles of the arcs.
You could also add a Scale component at the end to have the circles vary in size…
You could have the main rotation axis (135°) not being constant…
Replace the arcs by triangles…

If you are completely new to this, maybe start with a pattern along a single line to practice.

That last pattern was a math nightmare !

TetrisPattern.gh (15.9 KB)


CirclePattern2.gh (21.0 KB)


I can’t stress enough how amazing you are!! Truly unbelievable. You just saved my scalp a few hairs XD. I’ll try to go through the components you used in those definitions and connect them to panels, just so I could understand the flow of data a little bit more. And then I’ll start with a pattern along a single line to practice, just like you said. Thank you so so much!! That was incredibly helpful.

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