Creating a GDL object for Archicad in Grasshopper

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Creating a GDL object for Archicad in Grasshopper.
First question: Is it possible to make it?

Does anyone have any experience with this?

I believe there is a live connection from Rhino/Grasshopper to ArchiCAD, which updates geometry on the fly in both apps!

yes, there is of course, but I meant gdl objects.

“live connection from Rhino/Grasshopper to ArchiCAD” is a fantastic thing!
But if I would made for example a chair by use grasshopper and I would like to send it to someone who does not know the grasshopper or use it in another project without start the grasshopper, and would like this chair to be parametric, it is only possible if I save it as a GDL object.

Just saving the model as a gdl object, is not a problem, you can do it in Archicad, but saving it so that, you can then change the parameters, height, width, etc. … is already very difficult or almost impossible for an ordinary user.

Graphisoft connection plugin is not designed to build GDL objects from grasshopper, but, you can use existing GDL objects / your own GDL objects from GH, by setting values of the GDL parameters from GH.

Yes, ARCHICAD (22 & 23) has this bi-directional connection. Very powerful. Similar connection exists on the fly with Unreal Engine (TwinMotion)

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