Exercise in using all the Standard Grasshopper components

Hi Everyone,

Having retired at the end of last year, I decided to put my mind to learning Grasshopper more systematically, rather than just pottering about.

There are a huge number of Grasshopper components, even counting just the standard set! 80% are blindingly obvious, but the rest are tricky, or downright obscure. Where they are based on a corresponding Rhino function, the documentation in Rhino itself is very good at explaining the expected function, if not necessarily the component Inputs and Outputs. But there are many components that are not based directly on Rhino functions; these have essentially NO documentation whatsoever.

Grasshopper has a ‘discoverability’ problem, in that if you don’t know which component to use, or even if a component exists, you are basically out of luck. It would be nice to be able to remember every single component, so as to have the complete toolset at one’s fingertips.

I decided to make up a series of Grasshopper definitions to cover all the standard components. This was a good exercise at playing with the components, and also in trying to get my mind round the full standard set. My definitions are basically one per menu entry, which means that there are more than forty of them. Having made up these definition files, I though that other beginners might find them useful, so I am going to try to upload them here for others to use.

Here is the full set, as a .zip file, assuming that the forum allows for .zip files to be uploaded. In the event that you do not actually want to download a .zip file posted by a random dude on the internet, I will attempt to upload the files individually, as .gh files. There are also a handful of .ghdata files defining objects I used across the definitions, although these have all been internalized in the definitions and are not actually required. If the forum restricts the number or size of uploads, I may run onto further replies to this message.

components_20220205.zip (2.0 MB)

Please let me know your reactions, ideas and corrections.


CurveAnalysis.gh (55.9 KB)
CurvePrimitive.gh (36.5 KB)
CurveSpline.gh (43.0 KB)
CurveUtil.gh (48.7 KB)
DisplayColour.gh (27.6 KB)
DisplayDimensions.gh (46.2 KB)
DisplayGraphsEtc.gh (31.7 KB)
IntersectMathematical.gh (135.9 KB)
IntersectPhysicalAndRegion.gh (144.5 KB)
IntersectShape.gh (41.3 KB)



MathsDomain.gh (20.3 KB)
MathsMatrix.gh (9.0 KB)
MathsOperatorsEtc.gh (24.8 KB)
MathsTimeEtc.gh (44.7 KB)
MeshAnalysis.gh (14.4 KB)
MeshPrimitive.gh (26.1 KB)
MeshTriangulation.gh (71.2 KB)
MeshUtil.gh (57.4 KB)
ParamsGeometry.gh (69.2 KB)
ParamsInput.gh (114.2 KB)
ParamsUtil.gh (25.2 KB)


Part Three

SetsList.gh (17.0 KB)
SetsSequence.gh (13.4 KB)
SetsSets.gh (11.9 KB)
SetsText.gh (24.2 KB)
SetsTree.gh (33.3 KB)
SurfaceAnalysis.gh (50.4 KB)
SurfaceFreeform.gh (51.4 KB)
SurfaceSubD.gh (112.2 KB)
SurfaceUtil.gh (59.9 KB)
TransformAffine.gh (43.4 KB)
TransformArray.gh (18.2 KB)
TransformEuclidean.gh (35.6 KB)
TransformMorph.gh (154.0 KB)
TransformUtil.gh (26.8 KB)
VectorField.gh (30.4 KB)
VectorGrid.gh (16.2 KB)
VectorPlane.gh (16.0 KB)
VectorPoint.gh (29.2 KB)
VectorVector.gh (15.1 KB)


It looks as though uploading .ghdata files is not supported by the forum, but none of these should actually be required, since their inclusions have been Internalized. They are in the .zip file, along with a single .png file used for the Image Sampler.


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Hi, Bob

Aside from designing subjects, let me chat with you for a few minutes.

First of all, I congratulate your retirement. Now you are free to do whatever you wish and wherever you want to travel for relaxation without the worry of work and clients’ demands :slight_smile:

I hope you like cooking and spend a part of your time cooking delicious foods. It and gardening are two interesting and calming hobbies besides designing.

second, the fruitful topic you created was great, especially for the beginners like me that have been confused in grasshopper and searched for the essential and practical lesson to understand this great application relatively.

I downloaded the collection of .gh files in the first post and examined a few. They are unique and excellent for understanding and learning grasshopper practically. I didn’t see any topic like yours to be fruitful for the users like me in this degree.

I don’t know how to give you thanks, but say thank you so much
I believe this topic is a lasting reference and will be usable out of any specified time :slight_smile:

I also visited your web and your woodwork. Those are masterworks with a high degree of innovation.

I wish the best for you.

I redesigned this medal as a prepared logo last year. I changed the “Brand” word to “Topic” and now give you that.


Thank you again :slight_smile:


Whoosh! Thanks so much for your kind words!

In the first message to this post there is a link to a .zip file, which should include all forty odd files, plus also the .ghdata files, although these are not really needed. Please let me know if this link does not work for you, although it did work for me. I included the links to the individual .gh files because people may find these safer than downloading an arbitrary .zip file off the internet, but as you say, it is tedious to download more than a few by hand. At some point you just have to decide whom to trust!

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I apologize to you :slight_smile:

First, I didn’t notice the Zip file is including all the files in three posts. Then I referred to the extracted files and realized the zip file is the container all the files. No problem, it was safe exactly.

Thank you very much, senior bob

I made a few small updates and included a couple of people’s comments, but mostly this update is to include my experiments with Parakeet. This amazing labour of love provides a wide variety of components to generate tilings, and then further components to generate patterns based on the tilings. My sort of thing! Parakeet is up to release 0.91 now.

ParakeetCurve.gh (65.2 KB)

ParakeetMCEscher.gh (38.0 KB)

ParakeetMesh.gh (14.7 KB)

ParakeetPatternGenerationOthers.gh (509.3 KB)

ParakeetPatternGenerationPatterns.gh (39.5 KB)

ParakeetPrimitive.gh (25.7 KB)

ParakeetSurface.gh (50.5 KB)

ParakeetTiling.gh (39.6 KB)

ParakeetTilingPatternGeneration.gh (38.5 KB)

ParakeetUtil.gh (28.2 KB)

and the full set as a zip file:

components_20220323.zip (3.1 MB)