Exclude Object from Clipping Planes?

+1 please!
This function would be so useful.

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clipping capabilities must improve far more than just this… clipping objects, exlude from clipping (only include), option to fill hatches even to non closed polysurfaces. etc

Oh, for sure. This has been discussed at length in another thread about drafting and layouts.

I’m not sure how this would work…or if I would even want this for my own workflow.

I would really like to see the devs prioritize this in the next round of experimental features. According to the YT, it’s been on the back burner since at least November 12th 2009! (4 months after I started using Rhino as a year 1 architecture student!) This would certainly be a game changer for Rhino users.

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it would be option on/off if you want only closed polysurfaces or open as fell when there is just close loop when clipped

Technically, there’s no good reason why hatches should only be created from closed polylines. They store their own editable curve border anyway, so if an open curve was taken as input, it would simply be closed.

As so often it’s more a question of what we are used to. Hatches are an old CAD concept, and we learned over decades to close them before hatching.

In 2d vector apps this was never necessary.

I’m just not sure how a mixed-bag of open and closed geometry could jive together. Especially if you are working with multiple per-object clipping Planes. If it solves more problems than it creates, great!