Is there a way to exclude certain objects from clipping plane action

Except for the use of a Display Conduit, is there a way to exclude certain objects (or layers) from the action of a Clipping Plane. (I am working on Plugins in C# with either .NET SDK or RhinoCommon.)

Thank you,

Peter Schwenn


This feature is currently not available in Rhino. It is on the wish list though for a future release of Rhino.


And what about adding a step to the clip plane, and the ability to snap on the created section. Is that possible?
It would be very wellcomed.

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I second that idea, MNT. On my wishlist for some time :wink:
You can always “Make2D” to get all cutting curves but it’s a bit of a hassle and generates too much debris when you just want to check something in the section cut. Be it just checking some distances.

Excluding objects from sectioning would very much be welcome. We could easily make cut-away drawings would this functionality exist. Any updates on this one?

Thx for the hard labour, guys!

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No updates yet, sorry.

Ok, thanks Steve

As usual, I need two features that were required for the first time in February 2014 (!), and after 5 YEARS from the first request We can’t exclude an object from clipping plane, and We can’t set the clipping plane distance. Is so incredibly hard and long work to do this?!
Now I will wait for the usual reply “Mc Neel is a small group of workers and we have a lot of work to do and blah blah blah”. We are not asking You to resolve our request in some days, but do You think is acceptable that after 5 YEARS there are no updates yet? Maybe too much “coffee breaks”? I’m disappointed also from the reply “Ok, thanks and so on”. Thanks about what? That there are no updates? I can’t understand why Mc Neel doesn’t take care of the users’ requests.
Roy, without thanks.

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hi all!
just to say hello after 4 years and half… :slight_smile:

Hi @lopez,

Still on the list…

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Thanks for your message.

I’m not a programmer, but why take so long time to do this kind of improvement that seems so simple to me?!




Hi @lopez,

I can only assume the fix is not that simple. Also, we have 9649 issues (as of now) on our tracking system. I guess other issues have higher priority.

– Dale

That is correct; depending on how this feature is implemented it could require changes to object and layer attributes.