Layout & Drafting: What's the plan?

I am sure there is nothing ever as an official statement. But we continue to push forward in many areas.

When it comes to drawing sets there are many issues that we continue to push into.

Rhino 7 has some features in it that we attempt to step toward 2D drawings. Along with Layout managers, Smart Title blocks, Layout display performance, Formulas in text and scriptable printing we can automate a larger drawing set then before.

Architectural drawings have never been a simple section at 4’ above the floor. The change in graphic nature of the objects based on the view is key to getting good drawings. VisualArq deals with that for architects and the way the graphics are created.

Orca3d will deal with the way Naval Architects create 2d Drawings.

Elefront will help automate the creation of 1000’s of shop drawings and dimensioning all at once for complex projects building fabrication projects.

So, we continue to move in that direction, but it is important to note that each profession has different requirements so we try to improve where we can.

With the new inside tools we are able to leverage Archicad and Revit’s drawing capabilities by updating the models on the fly.

And yes, it could always be much better. But there are many people working toward this in different areas with trying to fulfill the various requirements.