Exclude Object from Clipping Planes?

yes this irritates me that i cannot snap to clipped edges…

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Well I could have used this today…

Also, wasn’t there a way to duplicate/save clipping plane generated edges?

Hi Robert -

There’s the ExtractSections command that might be what you’re looking for?

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Thanks, I will never remember that since it doesn’t contain the word “clip” (also difficult to search for, I think), so it would be nice if that button could be visible in the clipping plane panel where you also toggle them on and off!


Hi Wim
This command doesn’t appear in Rhino WIP?

Are you referring to stExtractSections command of the Section Tools plug-in?

Hi -

I see that this doesn’t autocomplete, so it’s probably a test command.
Typing ExtractSections in both Rhino 7 and the Rhino 8 WIP seems to work.
I’ll try to find out what the plan is for this command…

In WIP french version, this works with a "_"before:
an improvement would be to have at the end of the command the possibility of grouping or converting into blocks the objects resulting from this extraction, in order to be able to use them easily afterwards in the drawing

Hello, I would also like to add my vote to be able to deselect an object from the clipping plane…


Hi Andrew -

That should be possible in Rhino 8. Are you getting stuck somewhere?

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OK - Thanks - that sounds good…

I am not necessary getting stuck, but when wanting to produce 2d drawings, or viewing an assembly I find it helpful to not have all objects sectioned as such… My current work around is physical making a copy of the model / Assembly and then boolean difference the parts I would like to be sectioned, and leave the parts I would like not to be sectioned, etc.