Exclude command from AutoComplete list?


Is it currently possible to exclude a command from the autocomplete list? (I don’t think there is in the general Options, but maybe some hidden settings file?)

The reason needed: It is very convenient to name NamedView 1,2,5,6,7 etc. and have a super-quick access to them by typing “1 + Spacebar” etc. to instantly get back to the original view. Unfortunately this does not work for 3 and 4 - it brings up the 3DFace and 4View autocomplete commands.

Another option, more general, would be to be able to set how many typed characters kick-in the autocomplete list…If the user sets it at 2, the above conflict could be avoided and still have a reasonable autocomplete.



Hi Jarek - nothing like this that I know of, but … checking on it.


It’s not possible to exclude individual commands. Right now you can turn off autocomplete completely, press Delete key between pressing 3 or 4 and spacebar, or for example use keyboard shortcuts instead. You could for example use Control+number combinations.
I personally would not use plain numbers for view names, because it makes it often times impossible to get to them quickly while commands are running. I would use a prefix, for example v1, v2, and so forth.

Hi Mikko,

Thanks, Control+number is a good suggestion, as quick as number+space without the autocomplete limitation.
Will rewire my brain to use that combo from now on…



I am/was in the same situation as Jarek.

I used to have 1,2,3 and 22,33 for the mayor views and 4 for ortho and 5 for perspective.

very quick, also to re save the view. adding a key is 100% slower :slight_smile:

…have been using v1,v2,etc for years now and would still like to get back to 1,2,3

right now we can’t add an alias with only numbers 1,2,3,44 etc. could that limitation go? so 1 can stand for “view1” ? that works during a command, I mean using an alias for a view name.

*edit: well, would not work for saving the view