V6 wish-Smart Commands

It would be interesting to see the autocomplete on the command line made a little bit smarter. Right now the commands are kind of sticky i think? That is, the first suggestion the autocomplete brings up with the current letters is the command that was used most recently. It would be really nice if the current selection would affect the autocomplete engine, such that if i have a surface selected, it is going to always suggest ExtrudeSrf instead of ExtrudeCrv and vise-versa. I’m sure there are more examples where this would expedite the process, but this is the one i find myself using the most. Granted, its not that much extra work to type out the command in full, but if this feature were added I think I’d learn to trust it pretty quickly so i wouldn’t even have to glance up to see what I was going to get by pressing SPACE a little early.

i just wish _Exit would always appear at the bottom of the list :smile:

(instead of in front of all the extrude commands)

probably a not so good idea but…
a list of all commands which we could individually select to leave out of the autocomplete entirely… those commands would only work if typing the full name.

Yeah, it would be cool to let the user customize the autocomplete dictionary. That would probably be a lot lighter on the development side of things. Even adding TAB functionality to iterate over the options would be a step in the right direction. TAB is very standardized as an autocomplete toggle in almost all shells, and you don’t have to move away from home row to use it.

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on Mac at least, you can use the arrow keys. that’s how I do

As do I, but I would definitely prefer TAB were it available.

hmm. just noticed that while Exit appears at the top of the list, the list doesn’t always start from the top down and the extrude commands are actually shown to the user first upon typing ‘ex’

idk, mac just recently acquired the smarter autocomplete (as in- if i type ‘EXT’, i’ll also have suggestions for SelText etc… plus- often used commands pop up first)

so i’m still enjoying the benefits of this new (to me) functionality… maybe once i get bored with that, i’ll suggest some other stuff :smile:

that said, i do think it would be sweet if i have a curve selected, _ExtrudeSrf won’t be presented to me in the list… this was also discussed at greater lengths in the UI thread