Named views vs. autocomplete vs. alias

wondering if there is any way to prioritize named views over autocomplete in the CL.

what I want to do:

have standard views mapped to the following names, for super fast access via keyboard:

1- top
11- bottom



4-parallel projection

but even if I delete all other aliases starting with any of these numbers, for “3” 3dface and 3view and for “4” 4view are stealing the focus over the named view if typed into the CL.

would love to see a possibility to elevate named views/cplanes/etc. over autocomplete.



ps. rhino won’t allow an alias using “1” or “22” etc… otherwise that could help me. why is that?

rhino won’t allow an alias using “1” or “22” etc…
That’s correct behaviour. Imagine you set 22 (or different numbers) as an alias and suddenly you need to input 22 as a value of cordinates, circle radius, arc radius, side length, chamfer, angle. How could you do that?

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I have a named view “1”

When there is no command active, I can use “1” to set the view via CL

When there is eg “Polyline” command running entering “1” in the CL will give 1untít length to the next polyline segment.

When there is eg. “SrfPt” running I can still use “1” to evoke the named view via CL as nested command.

same behavior could work for aliases, or?