Intelligent command line

Is there a way to filter the commands shown when typing in the command line.

For example, if I have a surface selected and start typing offset can just the surface related commands show up.


Hi Keith - currently, no. This or something like it comes up once in a while and it certainly seems like it might be a worthy trick to have available. My guess is it might not be easy to come up with rules, apart from any other technical difficulties, but I might be wrong. @mikko - do you have any idea how hard it might be to make something workable here?


I’m afraid this would require a lot of work and isn’t really feasible right now. There is no database describing any rules that could be used for filtering the autocomplete candidates.

I always type my commands and never use icons and as there are lots of commands I keep forgetting, would it perhaps be (possible/interesting/a good idea) to add something like this? I mean being able to turn on/off that the suggestion shows icons and description from here?

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