Exception occured: Energy simulation and daylight analysis Honeybee

Hi everybody!
I am currently working on the optimization of a building envelope (through a software called ModeFrontier linked to the Grasshopper file I am working on), through energy simulation and daylight anaylisis with Grasshopper.
When the simulation is run on grasshopper, a window-message pop up on the screen, not allowing to finish the simulation. This message is the following:

Component Exception:
Honeybee_Read EP Result
An exceprion was thrown during a solution:
Component: Honeybee_Read EP result
c_UUID: c46d850f-efb8-4074-906e-f9ece818e3bf

A second message appears when clicking on ‘‘OK’’.

With some research, i understood that this problem is linked to the version of the plugin IronPyhton, but even if install the latest version the problem continue to occur.

Can someone help me, in figuring out what do i do wrong?
Thank you in advance,

Best regards


Since Rhino ships with a version of IronPython, you shouldn’t be installing this yourself.
It’s possible that there are conflicts with other versions that you install yourself or are installed by other applications on your system.

More information here: