Excel to Rhino Script


I’m using Excel VBA for a project, which will generate a lines plan data on a worksheet.
My idea is to press a button on excel that will lead all this data to Rhinoceros. Then, I entend to work on Rhino Script to generate surfaces and everything with this point cloud.

I’m new to Rhino Script, but I’ve been working on VBA already…
Is it possible to develop this idea?

Do you guys have any information/tip for me?

Thank you

See this thread. There are examples

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See this too

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If you just want to get points from excel to rhino it is simpler than writing code. Although writing the code will help with learning for other uses.

  1. In excel, fill in columns for x, y & z data
  2. Create a single column with concatenation of the coords into “x,y,z”
  3. Copy the column of “x,y,z”
  4. In rhino, start the “_Points” command
  5. Paste

The extension to this that can be achieved with rhinoscripting is that you can assign colours, names and layers to the points so that it is easier to group them for developing your curves and surfaces later.

There’s also this method.

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