Surface x,y,z with no Nurbs, from excel to Rhino

Good afternoon, I’m new in this forum, so Greetings at all

I have a question if you let me, I have a program made in vba with excel, this make a 3D parametric function with-out Nurbs, type Z = F( x, y, +44 parameters), it optimize some calculations in my sector, but if I can represents the sections or 3D, we need a typical cad software for using it in a practical way, and aproximate this special function with Nurbs in them.

I’ve proved manually making with many points and b-splines curves in the command line, and after a net surface with rhino, with a good approximation for my F(x,y), the question then:

can I genererate a txt file with the data with coordinates x y z, and in a easy way make all the process in rhino in automatic mode reading this file?

the key is how read this txt and put the points in rhino to generate several curves and the final surface with them

thanks for your colaboration and Saludos :wink:

Hi Luis,

Both RhinoScript (which is based on VBScript) and Rhino.Python can open and read data directly from Excel files. So, its possible to write a script to read the points of an XLS sheet and then create whatever you want, including a surface.

Here are a couple of RhinoScript samples you might review:

More on RhinoScript:

More on Rhino.Python

many thanks Dale,

I’m going to check it and prove something with them, and practice a little bit rhinoscript, if it is more or less like vba, I think I have much earned :wink:

probably in the future we’re going to make a own software based in .net, with many specific calculations for marine engineering, and I think we’ll have to make some menu for writing .3dm too, rhinoscript should be very different regarding to this issue, or it is a completly different task?

thanks again

Saludos from Spaim

Using RhinoScript is quite different than writing a plug-in in .NET, as RhinoScript hides much of the dirty work. But having exposure to RhinoScript should give you an idea about how things work in Rhino, which will be beneficial.

thanks again dale for your answer

first step by step, and we’ll make macros with rhinoscript to learn more about rhino, after, the app or plugin :wink:

Saludos y gracias

Hi Luis,

A tip: don’t try to find everything by yourself.
There is a very active community over here, it can help a lot to pass hurdles like how to create a curve from points; the various options for doing that etc…
So do not hesitate to ask for help!


Thanks Willem, I’ll take it in account :wink: