Everything on a page in layout view disapears

I am in Rhino 6 and I have this unfortunate thing that happens from time to time. In the layout window, sometimes on of my pages that has things like blocks, details views and texts, will go totally blank. The page will be there, but everything that I did on it is gone. Its not from deleting blocks or hiding layers. I just had this where I copied everything from one page to another. Then I opened up all the detail windos and changed the views, biut when I went back to the original it was gone. And to be clear I did not cut it. This has happened several times before, and actually twice today. Is this a bug that anyone knows of

Hi Justin -

Is everything deleted or just not visible? That is, when you run SelAll, does the command history show that anything was selected?
Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.