Evenly divide surfaces with isocurves or other method

Hi, I am trying to create some evenly spaced cushioned baffles for a chair covering. I need to divide the surface up into evenly spaced surfaces so that I can extract them and turn into individual baffles on the covering. Any ideas on how to go about doing this?


How do you define “even”? Equal areas, equal spans in the middle, equal spans along one end, ???

One method to divide the surface:

ExtractIsocurve to extract an isocurve along which you want equal spans. An alternative if you want equal spans along an edge is DupEdge

Divide the extracted isocurve or duplicated edge.

Split with the isocurve option using the division points as the locations for the isocurves.

That’s great David. I extracted an isocurve along the length of the cover, then divided it to my required number, then toggled the isocurve to the other direction and snapped it to the division nodes along the first divided isocurve, Perfect! Just need to split the surface now and extract the surface divisions into solids and apply fillets to get my baffles.

You’re awesome, thankyou.