Divide surface by distance



Hi All,
I have one surface, how I can divide it by distance, then create the curves from them?


(David Rutten) #2

Distance measured from where?


It divide from corner, divide equal distribution by spacing


Anyone please help me

(Chris Kuether ) #5

Perhaps you should ask the REAL question in your native language, and use Google Translate to get English. :grinning:


Thank for your comment ChrisK
Can you help me


It looks like you have changed your original question…

(David Rutten) #8

Equal distribution is only possible on planar surfaces, or developable surfaces if the direction you’re interested in happens to be the direction of curvature.

If the equal spacing is supposed to happen along a certain isocurve, then I’d start by trying:

  1. generate isocurve in one direction at desired location.
  2. divide isocurve into N points with equal spacing using Divide Curve.
  3. use the division t parameters to extract isocurves in the other direction.

Isocurves and surfaces should have the same parameterisation, but if that is not the case then you can’t use the t output of the divide component, and instead must use the surface closest point to get the correct uv parameter.