Surface triangular patterning (non-lunch box)

Hello, I have faced an issue of distributing triangular pattern on a surface. What I want to do is to is sth similar to lunch box triangular panel B but not the same. Since lunch box only divided the whole surface by U and V, so that the numbers of U in each V are in the same amount.

I would like to do sth like the picture below. Firstly, the grid is start from middle of the surface. Then The size of the triangles will be retain the same (just varied at the boundary). Also, the no. of triangle in each column is varied by the sectional height of the surface.

I have made a rectangular version successfully. I attached it below either. Please forgive me there may be some bugs in it.

Thank you for your attention and helps.
facade rectangular grid (53.7 KB)
facade rectangular grid pattern.3dm (35.8 KB)

Relative Item should be your tree friend.

Get the attached that does some Patterns on BrepFaces … but … it’s an Interview C# thingy meaning that requires a few lines more in order to deal with closed in U/V underlying Surfaces. (337.6 KB)