Evasive Gumball

Hey guys,

Good morning. My gumball is acting strange today. I go to approach it with my cursor and it turns off just as I am about to grab it. I have to try 2-3 times before it actually lets me grab it.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. :hushed:

Your mouse may be dirty.

Have you reset the Gumball with the GumballReset command? Is it in all files or just one as well?

Hey Brian.

Yes it seems to be happening on all my files and I did try the GumballReset command. Here’s a video. As you can see whenever my cursor approaches the gumball the gumball turns off…
Andrew Nowicki suggested I might have a dirty mouse but it’s brand new🙂


Demetriou Gumball Video.mp4 (427 KB)

Hey Andrew,

I thought of that as well but its a brand new mouse.

Here’s a video of it. As you can see every time my cursor approaches the gumball, the gumball turns off.

Thanks for the video, here are some more questions to try and narrow in on what the cause might be.
Do you have multiple monitors or a display dock in use?
Does this happen in all display modes?
Are you in a Layout page or does this happen in Perspective too?

Hi Brian,

So to answer your questions, I have 2 monitors attached directly to my computer. No display dock in use.

It does happen in all display modes (Wireframe, Shaded, Rendered etc)

And – it happens in Model space and Layout space.

One strange little detail is that when I approach the gumball with my cursor and the gumball turns off, it leaves a little white dot in its place. When I repeat 2-3 times and manage to grab the gumball the white dot goes away.

By the way I updated my graphics card driver and it’s made no difference.


Hi all - the drawing of the highlighted control is where it is failing I guess - it looks to me like if you navigate to the center by avoiding the circles and arrows then you can get to the middle OK, but if you get into the highlight ‘zone’ of any control it goes away… - @Cosmas - sorry but… have you tried rebooting the machine?