General thread - reorganization of keyboard shortcuts

I am starting this thread in response to some recent (and not so recent) posts and perhaps to gauge user needs/interest. Currently keyboard shortcuts in base Rhino (V7) look like this:


Probably the ones in yellow should not be changed (IMO), however all the rest are up for discussion…
There is a lot of open space available, but the two-key shortcuts Ctrl+key are naturally the easiest to access. Ctrl+Shift+key for Windows users are also easy given the location of the keys on a Windows keyboard.

What functions do you think should be added and to which keyboard shortcut?

Isolate to Ctrl+Q:

  • In Gh, Ctrl+Q is the hotkey for toggling preview, I find them somehow related, and I think this makes it easier to memorize.
  • Alt+Q is the default hotkey for Isolating in 3dsMax.
  • In complicated model we always need to use Hide, Show and Isolate commands, The first 2 have their own hotkeys (Ctrl+H and Ctrl+Alt+H), I think it’s reasonable to add a hotkey for Isolate too.
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Not sure about what goes where but I’d say add shortcuts for

History toggle

Solidpoints toggle

I hardly ever model anymore :pensive: but I suppose some subd functionality as well.


my shortcuts:

F? noecho -Gumball Toggle
Ctrl+Shift+C noecho -_GumballAlignment _CPlane _Enter
Ctrl+Shift+O noecho -_GumballAlignment _Object _Enter
Ctrl+Shift+V noecho -_GumballAlignment _View _Enter
Ctrl+Shift+W noecho -_GumballAlignment _World _Enter

Actually I think the F… keys are there for quick access since they are in the topmost row of the keyboard. On external keyboards there are many times groups of four keys (F1-F4 / F5-F8 / F9-F12) so I think these 4 sections could even be handy to group similar shortcuts. Help, Command history, Properties, and DigClick could be removed in my opinion. If you really need help, you probably have time to click a drop down menu. Properties is a panel in my panels all the time and Command history, if you need this, you probably also have enough time to get this from a menu.
I added this Youtrack issue to find out the hotkeys that have never or rarely been used by Rhino users. Not sure if it makes sense.

Well, I use both F1 and F2 fairly frequently - F1 in the middle of the command gets you the Help for that command and is pretty much Windows standard for Help (AFAIK). The command history I use frequently for checking macros and script command line feedback… I agree that these days most of the people have the Properties panel open and docked and DigClick is pretty specialized to be up there IMO.

Someone asked about SolidPtOn, since I never use the grid snap (and it’s in the status bar panel) I replaced F9 with that (F9- Solid points, F10 - normal points)

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